Archived News

OMNeT++ 6.0.3 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0.2 Available
Model Catalog Updated
OMNeT++ Online Summit 2022
OMNeT++ 6.0.1 Available
Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Introduced in INET
OMNeT++ 6.0 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Release Candidate 2 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Release Candidate 1 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 15 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 14 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 13 Available
OMNeT++ 5.7 Released
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 12 Available
OMNeT++ Online Summit 2021 – Call for Participation
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 11 Available
New Technical Articles
INET 4.3 Released
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 10 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 9 Available
OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Concluded
OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Registration Open
OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Call for Participation
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 8 Available
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 7 Available
INET 4.2 Released
OMNeT++ 5.6 Released
Community Development at the OMNeT++ Summit
Hackathon and ConverStations - Report From the OMNeT++ Summit
OMNeT++ Summit Hackathon - Call for Participation
OMNeT++ "Ecosystem Book" Published
Official OMNeT++ Docker Containers
OMNeT++ 5.5.1 Released
6th OMNeT++ Community Summit 2019 - Call for Contributions
Simulation Models and Tools Catalog Revised
INET 4.1 Released
OMNeT++ Repository Is Now Public
Welcome to our New Website
OMNeT++ 5.4.1 Released
OMNeT++ 5.3 Released
5th OMNeT++ Community Summit 2018 - Call for Contributions
OMNeT++ 5.2.1 Released
New Mailing List: omnetpp-announcements
OMNeT++ 5.2 Released
INET 3.6 Released
OMNeT++ 5.1 Released
INET 3.4 Released
INET 3.3 Released
OMNeT++ 5.0 Released
OMNeT++ 5.0rc released
INET 3.2 Released
INET 3.1 Released
OMNeT++ 3D Visualization Demo Published
The Final Program of the 2015 OMNeT++ Summit is Available
INET 3.0 Released
INET 2.99.1 released
2nd OMNeT++ Community Summit 2015 - Call for Contributions
Book: Performance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysis with Applications to Computer Networks
DNS / mDNS model for INET
PTP++: Precision Time Protocol for INET
The New SimuLTE Website is Up and Running
INET-2.6.0 Stable Release Available
OMNeT++ 5.0b1 released
New Veins Extensions: Plexe (for platooning) and Veins LTE
OMNeT++ 4.6 released
INET 2.99.0 released
INET 2.5 released
OMNeT++ 4.5 released
OMNeT++ Community Summit -- DEADLINE EXTENSION
INET-2.4 released
OMNeT++ Intro for Beginners
Simulation Book in French
INET-2.3 released
CALL FOR PAPERS: 1st OMNeT++ Community Summit
OMNeT++ 4.4.1 released
NETwork Attacks (NETA) Framework for OMNeT++ released
OMNeT++ 4.4 released
OMNeT++ 4.3.1 released
INET-2.2 released
OS³, the Open Source Satellite Simulator
InfiniBand Flit Level Model (v2) released
Vehicular Networks Simulator (VNS) released
OppBSD 4.0 released
OMNeT++ 4.3 released
INET 2.1 released
OverSim-20121206 released
Call for Papers -- 6th International Workshop on OMNeT++
VEINS 2.0 released
INET 2.0 released
OMNeT++ 4.2.2 released
Time-Triggered Ethernet Model released
OMNeT++ 4.2.1 released
OMNeT++ 4.2 released
OMNeT++ 4.2rc2 released (final RC)
Call for Papers -- 5th International Workshop on OMNeT++
OMNeT++ 4.2rc1 released
Horizon – Scalable Parallel Network Simulation
OMNeT++ 4.2b2 released
HNOCS - Network on Chip Simulation Framework
OMNeT++ 4.2b1 released
OMNeT++ Workshop -- Call for Participation
Castalia 3.1 Released
INET-HNRL: Optical, Wireless and Hybrid Networking Extensions for INET
mCoA++: Multiple Care of Address Registration for xMIPv6
Workshop Deadline Extended!
VoIPTool 2.0 released
Announcement: OverSim-20101103 release
B-MAC for MiXiM and OMNeT++ 4 available now
MiXiM 2.0 Released, Contains Support for INET Integration
Call for Papers -- 4th International Workshop on OMNeT++
Simple Obstacle Model for INET and MiXiM
Castalia 3.0 released
Google Earth Demo
New Releases: INET-20100723, R package 0.2
PhoenixSim: A Simulator for Photonic Interconnection Networks
MiXiM 1.2 Released
Network Simulation Book Featuring OMNeT++
Tutorial Videos
Project Announcement: R package for OMNeT++
OMNeT++ 4.1 released
OMNeT++ 4.1rc2 released
OMNeT++ 4.1rc1 released
OMNeT++ 4.1b4 released
About the 3rd OMNeT++ Workshop
INET Framework 20100323 snapshot released
OMNeT++ 4.1b3 released
Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Simulation Framework for INET/OMNeT++
OMNeT++ 4.1b2 released
OMNeT++ 4.1b1 released
GT-ITM Topologies for OMNeT++ and OverSim
OMNeT++ 4.0p1 released (for Linux)
Call for Papers -- 3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++
OverSim-20090908 released
Castalia 2.2 released
Do we know about your papers?
Announcement: oTWLAN – a tool to simulate tactical ad-hoc networks
Announcement: Energy Framework 0.9
SZTAKI Grid Portal for Simulations
Announcement: MiXiM 1.0 released
xMIPv6 Simulation Model Available for OMNeT++ 4.0
Welcome to the new OMNeT++ Community Website
Castalia 2.0 released
Mobility Framework for Omnet++ 4.0 beta 2
OMNeT++ 4.0 released
About OMNeT++ Workshop 2009
OMNeT++ 4.0rc2
Mobility Framework 2.0p3 for OMNeT++ 4.x on GitHub
OppBSD 3.0 Released
Mobility Framework 2.0p3 for OMNeT++ 4.x
xMIPv6: Mobile IPv6 protocols for the INET Framework
New OMNeT++ 4.0 beta
oProbe updated to version 2.0
PAWiS - a simulation framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
ReaSE - Realistic Simulation Environments for IP-based Networks
Call for Papers -- 2nd International Workshop on OMNeT++
1st International OMNeT++ Workshop
SimProcTC -- toolchain for remote execution of OMNeT++ simulations
CDNSim - a Content Distribution Network simulator
Castalia version 1.3 released
U2Q - UML to Queueing Network
ACID Sim Tools
InfiniBand model update
Announcing oProbe
Projects at the CSE deptartment - Ben Gurion University
FACTS - Future Aeronautical Communications Traffic Simulator
X-Simulator for testing synchronization protocols
OverSim-20070926 release
DYMO model for INET updated
InfiniBand model from Mellanox
Castalia 1.1 release, and Castalia Forum
OverSim-20070724 release
CSharpSimpleModule-0.4 released
ChSim mailing list started
Castalia: A Wireless Sensor Network simulator
DYMO routing protocol for the INET Framework
OverSim-20070511 released
C# Extension for OMNeT++
New OverSim release
Site reconfiguration, connection limit
OppBSD 2.0
Just another MF preview
Java extension for OMNeT++
OverSim: A Flexible Overlay Network Simulation Framework
OMNeT++ 3.3 released
AODV for the INET Framework
OMNeT++ usage document in Polish
OMNeT++ selected as part of the SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark
New INET Framework release
New NesCT release
MF 2.0p2
Site has moved to a different hosting provider
SolarLEACH bug fixed
New INET Framework release
Chsim: Wireless channel simulator for OMNeT++
WDM Simulator
New, cross-platform OppBSD release
mobility-fw 1.0a6
New NesCT release
OMNeT++ Wiki is now open
Sensor Simulator from Louisiana State University
PSGen Omnet++ (Publish/Subscribe topology generator)
MAC Simulator 0.2.2
Modeling and Simulation Course at Stevens Tech
OMNeT++ 3.2 released
New tutorials
haps and PoDS @ TU Dresden use OMNeT++
Course material using Protsim
New RSVP-TE models for INET
SensorSimulator at Louisiana State University
FIELDBUS model released
TU Delft MAC Simulator
OMNeT++ for wireless sensor network simulation
GUI enhancements in OMNeT++ 3.2
Wireless simulations and message reference counting in OMNeT++ 3.2
New INET Framework release
oppbsd 1.0 - a full FreeBSD TCP/IP stack in OMNeT++
Codesign project at UT Twente
Ewsnsim/NesCT: Run TinyOS Apps in OMNeT++!
OMNeT++ 3.1 released
AntNet 4.0: from Ants to Bees
Broken scalars.exe in OMNeT++ 3.0 fixed
INET framework updated for OMNeT++ 3.0
OMNeT++ 3.0 released
OMNeT++ 3.0 beta 1
New tutorial available
Simulation of Optical Networks: ODLE model released
OMNeT++ 3.0 alpha 9
New random number architecture
File System Simulator revitalized
Mobility Framework 1.0 alpha 3
INET Demo and Tutorial available
INET Framework 20041007
OMNeT++ 3.0 alpha 8
Download server is DOWN
OMNeT++ 3.0 alpha 7
Mobility Framework 1.0 alpha 2
IPSuite release again -- getting there
Mobility Framework: first official release (v1.0a1)
IPSuite release with new TCP model
OMNeT++ 3.0 alpha 6
OMNeT++ 3.0 alpha 5
AntNet model update
IPSuite snapshot
New Ethernet model version
OMNeT++ 3.0a4 released
Simulation Course using OMNET++
New (unstable) IPSuite and OMNeT++ releases
Routing tables made visible
Planning the 2004 OMNeT++ Workshop
Mobility Framework prerelease
Preview of upcoming 3.0 release available for download
Upcoming IPv6 Presentations
Tkenv: layouting and icon colorization
Antnet simulation
OMNeT++ 2.3p1 released
P2P Swarming Protocol Simulation
ESS'2003, Delft
SimSANs v2.0 released
IPSuite improved
Parallel simulation papers accepted for ESS\'2003
OMNeT++ seminar at University of Technology, Sydney
Recent Tkenv improvements
Centralized Network model based on Hiperlan/2 available
Ethernet models are available
Browsable documentation for IPSuite, IPv6Suite and RSVP-TE
Tutorials for learning simulation of packet-switching networks
Karlsruhe CVS server is up and running again!
Welcome to!
IP-Suite on Windows
RSVP-TE models
RSVP-TE model released
PCS model
Cmake omnet++ plugins created
Detailed 802.11 wireless model nearing release
OMNeT++ 2.3 released
Ad-hoc network simulator
OMNeT++ 2.3b2 released
Remote OMNeT++ 1.0 beta 1 released
OMNeT++ 2.3b1 has been released
3rd International OMNeT++ Workshop
Simulation course material
PicoRadio project at Berkeley
Remote OMNeT++
IP Micromobility Suite
Border Pricing Protocol
Framework for Simulation of Mobility
GLAST (Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope) project
SMP support
Wireless simulations
Modern random number generators
MMSim - simulation of multimedia protocols
Call for 3rd OMNeT++ Workshop
OMNeT++ export for the BRITE
Random number Wiki discussion
Simulation studies collected
OMNeT++ appears in IEEE Network Interactive
OMNeT++ 2.2 patch 3 is available
OMNeT++ 2.2 released
NED documentation tool released
Bugtracker is online
OMNeT++ Collaborations Web Wiki is online
The 2nd OMNeT++ Workshop took place on January 8-9, 2002
2nd International OMNeT++ Workshop
API documentation for OMNeT++ 2.1 released
The OMNeT++ sources went online
OMNeT++ 2.1 released
Debian GNU/Linux packages for OMNeT++ 2.0
Solaris 7 binary release
OMNeT++ 2.0 Patch 1 issued
Mailing list has moved
OMNeT++ 2.0 final released!
1st OMNeT++ Workshop in Karlsruhe
CVS Model Repository
Updated projects page
Redesigned frontpage
New interface for the contrib site
File System Simulator
An ftp site was set up for contributed models.