“Modeling and Tools for Network Simulation” (Klaus Wehrle, Mesut Günes, James Gross [Editors], Springer, 2010) is a book that focuses on tools, modeling principles and state-of-the art models for discrete-event based network simulations. The focus of the “tools” part is on two distinct simulations engines: OMNeT++ and ns-3, where the OMNeT++ chapter presents a high-level overview and rationale of the concepts, techniques and tools present in that simulation environment. The book also deals with issues like parallelization, software integration and hardware simulations. In the “modeling” part of the book, the wireless section covers all essential modeling principles for dealing with physical layer, link layer and wireless channel behavior, and presents detailed models for IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16 and other systems. Further chapters cover classical modeling approaches for higher layers (network layer, transport layer and application layer) and modeling approaches for peer-to-peer networks and topologies of networks.

See the book’s page at RWTH Aachen or at Springer (with table of contents), or buy it from Amazon. (Note that the book’s length is misprinted on those sites – it’s actually 500+ pages not 256.)