A new version of the AntNet model from Muddassar Farooq (muddassar.farooq at cs.uni-dortmund.de), AntNet 4.0 is now available. The code </FONT>has been made easier to understand and moreover it consists of now two algorithms AntNet-CL and AntNet-CO. One just needs to uncomment one line in a file to go from one to another. AntNet-CO algorithm uses the concepts of flying ants. There's also an associated paper -- read on! [Download] [BeeHive paper]</P>

Muddassar also wrote: "New users of OMNeT++ always ask a question: whether people in the research community use the software and how well it is accepted. I would like to announce for them that in our paper, "BeeHive: An Efficient and Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm Inspired from Bee Behavior", we used OMNeT++ for implementing BeeHive and comparing with AntNet and DGA. The paper won the best paper award at a prestigious Swarm Intelligence conference ANTS2004 in Brussels. The paper is available on-line [see above]."