We are proud to announce the first public release of HIPSim++, which is a Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Simulation Framework for INET/OMNeT++, developed to provide a flexible toolset for testing and validation of HIP and its extensions. HIPSim++ is fully OMNeT++ 4.x compatible, and it is built on the top of the 20090325 version of INETwithMIPv6.

Contributed by László Tamás Zeke, Levente Mihályi and László Bokor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Telecommunications.

HIPSim++ has been implemented with conformance to the IETF’s HIP specifications, and has been validated against a real-life HIP testbed applying the InfraHIP implementation. However our analysis show excellent accuracy and consistent operation of the simulation compared to the real-life experiences, it has to be noticed that HIPSim++ is an ongoing work, therefore refinements and further developments are to be expected. To eliminate all the bugs we strongly encourage You to provide us patches, feedbacks, hints, remarks, etc. by contacting us.