Omer Sinan Kaya released a new version of NesCT, a NesC-to-OMNeT++ translator. NesCT makes it possible to simulate TinyOS sensor networks with OMNeT++, by translating the NesC programs into C++ code. As part of the new release, Deluge, the famous code distribution protocol of TinyOS is now working with OMNeT++, and is included in the Examples package. [NesCT home page] <P>Newest changes include: </P>

  • Added Deluge, the famous code distribution protocol of TinyOS
  • There used to be a problem with single shot timers, fixed.
  • Added packet loss due to biterror.
  • Fixed a bug with EEPROM , would not read or write at the same moment to EEPROM.
  • EEPROM files are located in logger directory and from now on, the contents of these files are saved across simulations.
  • Fixed a permission problem with creating directories, NesCt does not require you to be a root user anymore.
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