From Christoph Sommer: Two new extensions for Veins have been presented at this year's VNC conference:

  • Plexe, by Michele Segata, is an extension of Veins which permits the realistic simulation of platooning (i.e., automated car-following) systems. It features realistic vehicle dynamics and several cruise control models, permitting the analysis of control systems, large-scale and mixed scenario, as well as networking protocols and cooperative maneuvers.
  • Veins LTE, by Florian Hagenauer, integrates Veins and two additional module libraries: SimuLTE provides the means of simulating cellular networks using LTE; the INET Framework provides general IP connectivity support and models of links using IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi. This integration allows Veins to serve as a unified Open Source framework for the simulation of heterogeneous vehicular networks using, for example, IEEE 802.11p DSRC, Wi-Fi, and LTE.