We are happy to announce the eighth preview version of OMNeT++ 6.

The main focus of improvements since pre7 was to improve the scalability of the new Analysis Tool. Indeed, the UI is now easily capable of dealing with at least several tens of thousands of result files, and a million result items (this was the input routinely used during the development). If you are unfamiliar with how and why the Analysis Tool was rewritten almost from scratch from the 4.x and 5.x version, read the preview 7 highlights below.

In the Sequence Chart Tool, support for horizontally finite sized events was added. This allows message sends and method calls in the same event to be separated along the y axis.

Additional, relatively minor improvements in the core:

  • Added the “resultdir-subdivision” config option that causes result files to be distributed into a hierarchical subdirectory tree inside results/, using iteration variables as directory names. This is useful for simulation campaigns, because most file managers tend to struggle with directories containing more than a few thousand files.
  • opp_scavetool now accepts directory names as well (“load all result files recursively from there”), and also the “**” wildcard that can match several directory levels.
  • Added the “config-recording” config option, to control the of amount of config options to save in result files.
  • Added the “${datetimef}” config variable that is a better choice to be used as part of result file names than “${datetime}”

Download it here.