Christoph Sommer has recently released a new version of the DYMO (Dynamic MANET On Demand) routing protocol for the INET Framework. The model can be downloaded (along with </FONT>several INET patches) from

The most important changes are:

  • Updated to draft-ietf-manet-dymo-10 (the last version was based on draft-ietf-manet-dymo-06)
  • Changed routing message dissemination to use multicast groups instead of broadcasts
  • Adapted RM and RERR messages to PacketBB-like message structure
  • Integrated DYMO Routing Table into DYMO module, reducing clutter in the NED file a bit.
  • Added NED parameter to selectively assign network interfaces to DYMO instead of always assigning all.
  • Added NED parameter that allows specifying the DYMO subnet for IP auto-configuration.
  • Implemented RREQ expanding ring search
  • Implemented Token-Bucket-like RREQ rate limitation
  • Implemented packet buffer size limitations
  • </UL>

    Christoph also wrote: "Please note that, compared to the draft06-based implementation of DYMO, considerably less testing went into the draft10-based implementation. It does perform a lot better than the older version, though. If you try out the new version, don't hesitate to contact me about any issue you come across."