From Ingmar Baumgart: I'm happy to announce the new OverSim snapshot release 20070511. You can download OverSim-20070511 and the patched INET framework from These are all changes from the 20070404 release:

  • New overlay protocols: Pastry, Koorde, Broose
  • New CommonAPI calls: forward(), update(), local_lookup(), ..., new pointer to overlay module in BaseApp for CommonAPI calls, new configuration parameter "useCommonAPIforward"
  • Fixed hop count for iterative lookups when searching nodeIds
  • BootstrapOracle rewritten: now holds all nodes in simulation
  • Split up NodeHandle to NodeHandle (IP, UDP-port, nodeID) and TransportAddress (IP, UDP port)
  • Chord modules and classes renamed to Chord*
  • Gia modules and classes renamed to Gia*
  • Various bug fixes
  • </UL>