A Windows demo of the INET Framework has just been released. Installation takes about three mouse clicks (no OMNeT++ installation or C++ compiler needed!). The GUI makes it suitable for classroom demonstration of the TCP/IP protocol family. Full documentation and a step-by-step, illustrated Guided Tour tutorial is part of the package. The package can be used to simulate your own networks, as long as built-in protocols and application models suffice (no C++ compiler or OMNeT++ installation necessary).  [Download] [On-line tutorial]

Writing of another tutorial (How to create network models with INET) is underway, and will be released shortly.

You may check out the demo on www.omnest.com (the web site for the commercial version of OMNeT++) as well, which also contains executable versions of the Mobility Framework, SimSANs and OMNeT++ example simulations.