The 1st International OMNeT++ Developers Workshop was held on March 7, 2008 in Marseille, France, with the purpose of bringing together OMNeT++ users and their tools, applications and ideas. Although there were OMNeT++ workshops before, this was the first peer-reviewed workshop, associated with a main conference (SIMUTools 2008). It was a successful workshop, with a number of high-quality papers (12) and posters (8) presented (chosen from above 30 submissions), with the number of workshop participants being above 40. You'll find more information and also photos in the Concluding Remarks here (pdf link).

A collection of links to the PDF versions of papers, slides and associated software is available on this Wiki page. If you are a workshop author, you are welcome to expand the page with more links (to slides, related project web pages, etc).