OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 8 Available

We are happy to announce the eighth preview version of OMNeT++ 6.

The main focus of improvements since pre7 was to improve the scalability of the new Analysis Tool. Indeed, the UI is now easily capable of dealing with at least several tens of thousands of result files, and a million result items (this was the input routinely used during the development). If you are unfamiliar with how and why the Analysis Tool was rewritten almost from scratch from the 4.x and 5.x version, read the preview 7 highlights below.

In the Sequence Chart Tool, support for horizontally finite sized events was added. This allows message sends and method calls in the same event to be separated along the y axis.

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OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 7 Available

We are happy to announce the seventh preview version of OMNeT++ 6. This version contains a completely revamped charting solution in the IDE. It is now completely based on Python3, with support for displaying Matplotlib charts right inside the IDE, accessing simulation results in the form of Pandas DataFrames, and using the built-in (older) charts from Python.

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INET 4.2 Released

We are happy to announce INET Framework version 4.2. Go ahead and  get it now!

This version introduces a new, efficient and powerful multidimensional representation of radio signals, which makes it possible to accurately simulate phenomena such as cross-talk and coexistence. Associated visualization components can display power density heat map, spectrum, spectrogram, etc. (see demo).

INET 4.2 also replaces existing queueing components with a new queueing framework and library that puts an end to the duality of internal and external queues, and can be used at multiple layers, including the creation of traffic generators and other applications (see tutorial). The release also comes with a number of additional improvements and bug fixes.

This version requires OMNeT++ 5.5.1 or later.

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OMNeT++ 5.6 Released

We are happy to announce the release of OMNeT++ 5.6. This is primarily a bugfix release, with a small but practically quite useful NED feature (@reconnect) and minor additions to the simulation library. Regarding bugfixes, Qtenv has received quite a lot of attention.

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Community Development at the OMNeT++ Summit

This year’s OMNeT++ Summit, for the first time in the history of annual OMNeT++ workshops and summits, featured a community development session. The following question was posed to the participants on the previous day, with the instruction to think about it: “If the OMNeT++ community had some funds, think of a few tens of thousands of euros or dollars, and it was up to you to spend it in the best interest of the community, what would you do with it?”

Think about your own answer before you read on and see the replies we received…

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