OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 13 Available

Please welcome the OMNeT++ 6.0 preview 13 release. Along withe this OMNeT++ preview we are releasing INET 3.8, 4.2.7 and 4.3.4. These INET versions are meant to be compatible with OMNeT++ 5.7 and 6.0. Do NOT use earlier versions of INET with these latest versions on OMNeT++.

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OMNeT++ 5.7 Released

We are happy to announce the release of OMNeT++ 5.7. This version is intended to be the last release of the 5.x series. The main purpose of this release is to make it possible to write model code, primarily NED, which is also compatible with the upcoming OMNeT++ 6.0. It also contains several bug fixes backported from the 6.0 branch.

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OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 12 Available

We are very happy to announce that OMNeT++ 6.0 preview 12 has been released. Compatibility updates for INET will be released in the coming days.

This prerelease contains many small changes and improvements. An ARM (aarch64) Linux download is also available that can be used as a base for ARM based Docker images (or run directly on your Rasberry Pie). The Linux aarch64 variant can be used also to run natively on ARM based MACs in Docker (as long as you have an XServer installed).

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OMNeT++ Online Summit 2021 – Call for Participation

Read further details and the CfP on the OMNeT++ summit website.

To facilitate the interaction among participants, the summit will employ a highly interactive presentation format called ConversTation, which provides much more feedback and useful discussion time than traditional talks.

Following the success of previous editions, the 2021 Community Summit will include a hackathon event. This provides the chance for developers of simulation models and frameworks to consult OMNeT++ core developers and fellow developers, to improve the quality and interoperability of models and frameworks.

Dates and other important details:

  • Submission deadline: July 15, 2021 July 26, 2021.
  • Hackathon proposal deadline: August 08, 2021.
  • Summit event: September 8-10, 2021.
OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 11 Available

We are very happy to announce that OMNeT++ 6.0 preview 11 has been released (along with some compatibility updates in INET). Please use INET 3.7.1, INET 4.2.3 or INET 4.3.1 if you are working with preview 11 or later.

This prerelease contains many small changes and improvements. The highlight of this release is the Sequence Chart tool in the IDE which has been revised and significantly extended with new functionality. NOTE: the eventlog (.elog) file format has changed in a non-backward-compatible way.

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