OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 9 Available

We are very happy to announce that OMNeT++ 6.0 preview 9 has been released (along with some compatibility updates in INET). Please use INET 3.6.8 or INET 4.2.1 if you are working with preview 9 or later.

A long time, six months have passed since the last prerelease, and, as a consequence, we have accumulated a lot of changes. Arguably the most important change is an update to the OMNeT++ programming model: the introduction of the possibility to update ongoing packet transmissions, that is, the ability to abort, shorten, or extend a packet (usually an L2 frame) while it is being transmitted. Significant amount of work has been put into improving the looks and functionality of Qtenv, and into refining the Python-based Analysis Tool in the IDE.

Qtenv in dark mode with new monochrome toolbar icons, running the wiredphy example that demonstrates the new packet progress API. Note that it is now also possible to set relative time display in the packet traffic log by right clicking on a specific line to set as a reference:

The new Python based analysis tool in the IDE:

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OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Concluded

The 2020 OMNeT++ summit took place virtually on October 5-6 with more than 70 participants. We have updated the summit website with all the presentation slides in PDF format. Some sessions are also available in video format. If you missed the event, we encourage you to visit the summit site and catch up with the latest topics presented at the summit.

OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Registration Open

We invite you to participate in the OMNeT++ Online Summit, less than a week away!

You don’t need to be a presenter. If you are interested in the talks or just one talk, register, and you can watch them over Zoom and also participate in the discussions.

  • The Summit dates are October 5-6, 2020 (Monday and Tuesday).
  • The list of presentations and the schedule are now available at the OMNeT++ Summit website.
  • To register, fill in the following registration form.

Enjoy the presentations, and have nice discussions with fellow OMNeT++ users around the world!

OMNeT++ Online Summit 2020 – Call for Participation

Good news for those of you wondering about what will happen to the annual OMNeT++ Summit in the year of the global pandemic: Indeed there will be a summit, an online one. This will give us the chance to explore the advantages of the new format, while also making participation for researchers and students from outside Europe significantly easier. We are looking forward to having a geographically much more diverse audience than in the previous years.

To facilitate real discussions and useful feedback, the online Summit will be organized as informal presentations in small groups. Also, this year we will skip requiring a formal multi-page paper as submission, an abstract will suffice.

Dates and other important details: The planned Summit dates are October 5-6, 2020. We foresee two half-day sessions. Format: informal presentation in small groups. Please send abstracts of your presentation via email to Prof. Anna Förster ([email protected]). Submission deadline: September 15, 2020 Extended to: September 25, 2020. More details will be announced later.

OMNeT++ 6.0 Preview 8 Available

We are happy to announce the eighth preview version of OMNeT++ 6.

The main focus of improvements since pre7 was to improve the scalability of the new Analysis Tool. Indeed, the UI is now easily capable of dealing with at least several tens of thousands of result files, and a million result items (this was the input routinely used during the development). If you are unfamiliar with how and why the Analysis Tool was rewritten almost from scratch from the 4.x and 5.x version, read the preview 7 highlights below.

In the Sequence Chart Tool, support for horizontally finite sized events was added. This allows message sends and method calls in the same event to be separated along the y axis.

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