From Ingmar BaumgartI am happy to announce the new OverSim snapshot release 20070404. You can download OverSim-20070404 and the patched INET framework from <FONT color=#0000ff size=2></FONT>. Read on to see what's new in this release.

Changes from the 20061215 release:

  • Connect IPv4Underlay to real networks via TunOut (see HOWTO.Realworld)
  • New SingleHost Underlay: Emulate a single host. This host can be connected to a real network and an external Application (RealApp) (see HOWTO.Realworld)
  • up to 3 tiers with compound modules on application layer instead of one single application module, new TierDummy module for unused tiers.
  • Support for compiled-in NED files and disabled dynamic library loading
  • Added maximum hop count parameter for iterative routing
  • Several bug fixes for the BaseLookup class
  • new global module: GlobalStatistics
  • Correct statistics for forwarded Chord messages
  • Bug fixes and support for multiple runs in bin/
  • API: new gate names at each tier: to_upperTier, from_upperTier, to_lowerTier, from_lowerTier, from_udp, to_udp;
  • API: BaseOverlay::isResponsible() now queries, if a node is in the k neighborhood for a given key.
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