Debian GNU/Linux packages for OMNeT++ 2.0, by Enrik Berkhan ([email protected]). The packages are not perfect right now, but are available for testing.Hi,
I've prepared some Debian GNU/Linux packages from the OMNeT++ sources.
These packages will be far from perfect right now, but are available
for testing. Just add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb potato non-free
deb-src potato non-free
Or download the packages manually and install them using dpkg.
The main package is called "omnetpp". The shared libraries were moved
to their own packages "libomnetpp0", "libomnetpp0-tk", "libomnetpp0-pvm".
"omnetpp" depends on all the libraries right now. Precompiled samples
are in the package, too, including both Cmdenv and Tkenv user interfaces
in the binaries, Tkenv being the default. Use "-u Cmdenv" to use Cmdenv.
You'll find the samples in /usr/lib/omnetpp/samples and the HTML docu-
mentation in /usr/share/doc/omnetpp as usual.
Feedback welcome.