OMNeT++ 4.3 final version is now available for download. This release contains several bugfixes and usability improvements compared to 4.2.2. Among other improvements, indexing of big C++ projects got considerably faster and it is now possible to create scalar statistics from other statistic values. Read the ChangeLog (after the More link) to see the complete list what 4.3 has to offer compared to version 4.2 or go directly to the download page and test it.


  • Analysis tool: added support for computed scalars. Read the updated the User Guide for further details.

  • Analysis tool: added Logarithmic X axis option to scatter chart.

  • Added NED editor support for named channels.

  • Added support for opening files from the command line, i.e. use: $ omnetpp Aloha.ned

  • Added full screen mode (Ctrl-Shift-F11).

  • Usability improvements in the Analysis Tool.

  • Better error reporting in the Sequence Chart and Event Log views.

  • The CDT C++ code analyzer has been turned off as it was reporting too many false positives.

  • The IDE has been switched over to use CDT’s DSF debugger instead of the older CDI.

  • The IDE no longer runs the C/C++ Indexer before build (the code now collects the information for makefile dependency generation by other means)

  • Added pretty printing of STL containers (std::map, etc), simtime_t and other objects to the debugger; see the updated User Guide for details.

  • Updated the bundled MinGW (GCC, linker and GDB).

  • Updated to Eclipse 3.8.1; the IDE now requires Java 1.6+.


  • Added named channels support, e.g. "…←→ eth1: EthernetChannel ←→…", with the purpose of making it easier to address channel objects when assigning parameters from ini files. Channel definitions can now specify a default name (via the @defaultname property), too.


  • Added the cPatternMatcher and cMatchExpression utility classes to the API. cPatternMatcher is a glob-style pattern matching class. cMatchExpression builds on top of cPatternMatcher and lets you combine patterns with AND, OR, NOT for matching fields of arbitrary objects.

  • Added hasEncapsulatedPacket() to cPacket.

  • Implemented calculateWeightedSingleShortestPathsTo() in cTopology.

  • Signals implementation now allows static initialization of simsignal_t variables.

  • Fixed a bug in Expression where -2m was evaluated to 2 (meter was lost)


  • The simulator now supports Mac OS X 10.8 (you need to install XQuartz; see the Install Guide)

  • Simplified makefile output: Makefiles now output only the filenames to the console instead of whole commands. This makes the build output less noisy. If you need the old behavior, use the V=1 (verbose on) option on the make command line.