From Kyeong Soo Kim: This is to announce the INET-HNRL, a new fork of INET Framework developed for hybrid networking research. INET-HNRL provides new models in both the optical and the wireless networking areas and their hybrid. Currently, the following models and research frameworks have been implemented:

  • Models for the hybrid TDM/WDM-PON under the SUCCESS-HPON architecture;
  • Comparative analysis framework based on the equivalent circuit rate (ECR) for the study of next-generation optical access (NGOA) architectures;
  • Wi-Fi localization (currently integrating them into INET, which were formerly implemented based on INETMANET)

The project homepage is at, where you can find a brief overview of each model/framework together with all the relevant publications. The github project URL is

The details of each models are also provided in NED documents (for this, you need to generate NED documents in the OMNeT++ IDE).

Of the linked publications, the most relevant one for this project is the following one:

  • Kyeong Soo Kim, "Integration of OMNeT++ hybrid TDM/WDM-PON models into INET Framework," submitted to OMNeT++ Workshop 2011, Nov. 25, 2010. (pdf)

As mentioned in the above paper, you can find that the INET-HNRL provides simulation models not only for new networking protocols but also new application-level traffic sources and sinks (including new streaming video traffic generation based on real trace files).

As for the actual use of the simulation models and frameworks, please check the two example directories (i.e., "ecr" and "ecr2") under "examples/ngoa". Not only usual "ini" and "ned" files, you can also find script files for post-processing (mostly based on R, some on Python/SciPy, Perl, & Bash).

Now that I just finished teaching for this term, I will work on the home page to update it and add more information soon. Also, I'm currently looking into the merge of Andreas Bodozoglou's EPON model to provide integrated PON models to the OMNeT++ community as we briefly discussed before.

Final remark: It would be greatly appreciated if you could cite the relevant papers linked in the project home page if you use the models and framework in the INET-HNRL.

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