We are happy to announce release of OMNeT++ version 6.0. OMNeT++ 6.0 is the result of more than three years of work, and includes many essential new features that we would already have a hard time without. The present changelog summarizes all changes made during the 15+ pre-releases.

The most prominent new feature is the new Python-based Analysis Tool in the IDE. The use of Python under the hood allows for arbitrarily complex computations to be performed on the data, visualizing the result in the most appropriate form chosen from a multitude of plot types, and producing publication quality output, all while using an intuitive user interface that makes straightforward tasks easy and convenient. Custom computations and custom plots are also easily accessible. The tool is able to handle large quantities of data. The Python APIs are also available outside the IDE (e.g. for standalone scripts), and a command-line tool for viewing and exporting charts created in the IDE also exists (opp_charttool).

Further, very substantial improvements and changes affect NED, message descriptions, ini files, and simulation kernel and other parts. Read on to get a complete overview.