I've generated browsable documentation for the IPSuite (Uni Karlsruhe), the IPv6 Suite (Monash University) and the RSVP-TE models (UT Sydney). Try the following links:

  • IPSuite documentation
  • IPv6Suite documentation
  • RSVP-TE documentation </ul>

    All above links (plus the docs as downloadable tarballs) are accessible from this page.

    The documentation was generated from commented NED and MSG files, and links to the Doxygen-produced C++ source doc. The IPv4 documentation is based on Jochen Reber's (and possibly others') original comments. The RVSP-TE documentation comes from the ModelOverview.pdf file. The IPv6Suite doc comes from source code comments and info from the authors (Eric Wu, Johnny Lai). The IPv6Suite docs include IPSuite as well.

    The commented NED/MSG sources will of course be recycled into the main developement branch of the models.

    If you find missing information, something that would be useful to include, or you spot errors, please let me know.