The first release of a control networks simulation framework for OMNeT++ is out now. The main goal of FIELDBUS is the performance analysis and evaluation of communication protocols and network configurations for control networks. Read on for more information.

Developers needed! The project is hosted at <FONT color=#800000></FONT>. Please contact me if you're interested: [email protected].

Regards, Dragan.

FIELDBUS is the result of my diploma thesis at University Dortmund in Germany. The goal was to create a reuseable control networks simulation software and to evaluate the properties of OMNeT++.

FIELDBUS is released under the General Public License v2. The model is organized similarly to the INET Framework, and it is currently in alpha status. Three control network systems are available now: Ethernet, ControlNet and DeviceNet. A fourth will be integrated soon: LonTalk.

The model framework was developed under GNU/Linux, but with slight modifications it is also runnable under Windows and MacOS X. Please report me your porting success!

The project is hosted on The Berlios platform is a German initiative providing support for different interest groups in the area of Open Source Software (OSS). Its functions are very similar to those of and it's free.

Developers needed! Are you interested in developing this project? You're welcome! Contact me under [email protected]. I'm searching for people who are challenged by developing an open source project.