Systems Engineering Group @ TU Dresden uses the OMNeT++ discrete event simulation system for two of its current projects.

PoDS stands for Principle of Dependable Systems and it is a class focusing on principles of how to design distributed protocols for dependable systems. Among many issues covered are:

  1. How can we design dependable systems?
  2. How can we make sure that a program is correctly executed?
  3. How can we tolerate hardware failures?
  4. How can we synchronize processes in a distributed system?
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    We use OMNeT++ for creation of protocol templates which are later extended by students so as to meet the requirements presented during the lecture

    haps stands for Highly Available Publish/Subscribe which is a project focusing on the issues of high availability of distributed systems using publish/subscribe services. We especially address the issues of computational limitations of the network routers and potential link failures when low bandwidth links are used for backup. We propose a novel scheme for coping with the problem of load shedding and service availability in the P/S scheme, where the users compete with each other for the access to the system resources. We are using the OMNeT++ simulation environment for the purpose of testing of our algorithms.