After last year’s success, OMNeT++ Community Summit will also feature a Hackathon in 2019. The Hackathon presents a unique opportunity to OMNeT++ users to consult and team-up with the OMNeT++ and INET developer teams and fellow developers to improve the quality and interoperability of their simulation models and frameworks, and to work on other topics. Participants and topics will be selected based on prior written project proposals.

  • Hackathon Date: September 04-05, 2019
  • Hackathon Proposal Deadline: August 10th, 2019

Come and join us in Hamburg! Click for details and ways to sign up.

Exemplary topics for hackathon projects:

  • port an existing codebase to recent versions of OMNeT++ / INET;
  • introduce regression tests (i.e., fingerprint testing);
  • add “project features” support if needed (for large projects);
  • add visualization (e.g., using figures, layers, 3D visualization);
  • discuss the practice of simulation result collection and analysis;
  • discuss interoperability and OMNeT++ development roadmaps;
  • include new features of INET 4.x;
  • hands-on problem solving (e.g., improving scalability);
  • set up continuous integration (e.g., Travis);
  • improve certain aspects of existing simulation models;
  • improve interoperability with other frameworks;