We are happy to announce a new major release of NesCT, a TinyOS NesC-to-OMNeT++ translator, developed by Omer Sinan Kaya. Please check out the new NesCT pages on Sourceforge, or go directly to the downloads -- or read on.</FONT>

What is NesCT ?

NesCT is a programming language translator, from NesC (the programming language used by TinyOS community to implement algorithms and applications for the sensor hardware) to OMNeT++ classes.

Why NesCT ?

Once we have a nice analytic background for a problem, it is also important to show that our mathematical models can work. Using simulation tools we can test our approach against different inputs and see the functional behavior. Although, simulation does not necessarily mean a real implementation, being able to use a real implementation in a simulation environment could be a nice feature. Our fundamental motivation is to use real world implementations coming from TinyOS and NesC in Omnet++ simulation environment. This would avoid double efforts and help us see the behavior of algorithms in a flexible setting.

Any comments are welcome. Please feel free to use the OMNeT++ Wiki or the forum at the Sourceforge website for discussions.

This project has been supported by the Featherlight project </FONT>at University of Twente, the Netherlands and the European Embedded WiseNt  project at Yeditepe University, Turkey.</P>