The French publisher ISTE has recently published a book on performance evaluation of computer networks. Titled "Evaluation de performances par simulation et analyse" (Performance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysis) and written by Ken Chen (Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité), the book has an emphasis on the theory and practice of simulation. OMNeT++ is mentioned in the book in two forms: as examples illustrating various concepts (warmup period, RNG streams, etc.), and as a complete simulation tool (through a dedicated chapter). "I found OMNeT++ very suitable for illustrating main simulation concepts and practices," Prof. Chen said. ISTE is a leading publisher of scientific books in the French language.

The English version of the book is scheduled to be published before end 2014 by ISTE/WILEY.  It will be an advanced version with additional elements for a more in-depth presentation.

Publisher's site: Evaluation de performances par simulation et analyse, Ken Chen.