The MiXiM team is happy to announce the first official MiXiM release, MiXiM 1.0. MiXiM is an attempt to merge several OMNeT++ simulators written to support mobile and wireless simulations. This release contains only the parts of MiXiM which we considered tested and stable enough for release. These are:
<ul><li>a base model for a detailed wireless physical layer</li><li>analogue model implementations for “Jakes fading”, “Lognormal shadowing” as well as a simple path loss model </li><li>a CSMA Mac layer and a 802.11 Mac layer </li><li>mobility pattern modules known from the Mobility Framework (like Tractor-, Turtle- and CircleMobility)
</li></ul>MiXiM can be downloaded from the project’s Sourceforge download area, or can be checked out directly from the git repository at git://

Still in development are implementations of a S- and T-Mac protocols. You can find the parts which are still in development in the git repository’s “development” branch. Also, Jérôme Rousselot has written a MiXiM branch which contains a detailed model of an UWB physical layer; it can be found on github as the mixim-uwb project.

See also the original announcement on the mailing list.