Key features of TSN were added to the INET Framework in version 4.4 (requires OMNeT++ 6.0). The model was developed together with an automotive industry partner to ensure relevance and is able to simulate the most important features of this domain. TSN refers to a set of IEEE 802 standards that make Ethernet deterministic by default. TSN components in INET are composable, making them easy to modify and experiment with. They can also be used together in non-standard novel ways, or with other tools such as external solvers for gate scheduling.

Groups of showcases are available for the following topics: Time Synchronization, Per-Stream Filtering and Policing, Automatic Gate-Schedule Configuration, Scheduling and Traffic Shaping, Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability, Frame Preemption, Cut-Through Switching and combination of the above.

Detailed documentation can be found in the INET User’s Guide.