Veins VLC - Realistic Simulation of Vehicular Visible Light Communication      

Veins VLC extends Veins vehicular network simulation framework with channel models for Vehicular Visible Light Communication (V-VLC). It enables the investigation of different aspects of V-VLC networks, including a range of different applications (e.g., platooning), higher layer protocols (e.g., medium access) and heterogeneous networks combining V-VLC and IEEE 802.11p DSRC.

Recent advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology have lead to the adoption of LEDs in exterior automotive lighting. The fast switching property of LEDs allows data transmission over the visible light medium. If combined with adequate receivers, e.g., high frequency photodiodes, camera image sensor, visual light communication becomes possible.

Developed at the Telecommunication Networks Group, Technical University of Berlin.

Keywords: vlc, visual light, vanet, vehicular, mobility, ad hoc, ivc, 802.11p, 1609.4, wireless

Install command: opp_env install veins_vlc-latest
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