OMNeT++ has been developed by András Varga.

My advisor during my university years was Dr. György Pongor. OMNeT++ was named after his simulator Omnet, written in Object Pascal. OMNeT++ was developed at the Technical University of Budapest, Department of Telecommunications (BME-HIT), and the web site was hosted there until 2003, even after I left the university.

Further Credits

I’d like to acknowledge the work of the following people, even if in most cases the code they’ve written is no longer part of OMNeT++.

Some GNED features, 1998-99:

FDDI model, enhancements on distributed execution and on histograms, on the Token Ring model etc:

Initial PVM support, spring 1996:

Initial version of some sample simulations, also some feaures and testing; fall 1995:

Initial NED compiler (called “JAR” at that time), sample simulations; summer 1995:

Old NeD compiler, until 1993: