omnetpy - OMNeT++ meets Python      

This is an extension that makes it possible to write OMNeT++ simple modules in Python. Python and C++-based simple modules can be freely mixed in simulations.

You might want to consider omnetpy if:

  • You want to build simulations using OMNeT++, but your C++ knowledge is weak.
  • You want to use OMNeT++ for educational purposes, and your students are more proficient in Python than C++.
  • You want to prototype a model faster; you can rewrite the code in C++ later.
  • You are interested in making changes to the code and being able to use it without any extra compilation steps.

For convenience, omnetpy is also available packaged as a Docker container.

omnetpy was written by Marcos Modenesi, an associate professor at University of Cordoba.

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Keywords: python, language, binding

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