oTWLAN - Tactial ad hoc networks      

oTWLAN models a wireless ad-hoc network, which supports multi-level precedence and preemption (MLPP) over a DSSS radio. This open source project facilitates throughput/delay performance study through a GUI based user interface. oTWLAN has many similar characteristics to WLAN (IEEE 802.11) but also provides a 100kbps radio channel for enlarged radio coverage, relaying of traffic for increased service coverage area and priority handling of user traffic. The latter is especially important for military and emergency network. The simulator has been developed within the GOSIKT project at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment where we study the performance of PKI over tactical ad-hoc networks. Chapter 2 in the user manual included in this open source project illustrates the usage of the simulator while other chapters describe the network protocols implemented.

This version requires OMNeT++ 3.3 and INET-20061020.

Keywords: sensor, wsn, wpan, wireless, mlpp

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