WDM Simulator      

This is a simulator for WDM networks, built using OMNet++3.0 on WinXP. It was written for my dissertation. I am going to graduate soon, and I thought about sharing it with others who want to realize similar simulations.

The network structure built is HORNET (Hybrid Opto-electronic Ring NETwork) which is proposed by Stanford University [1,2].

There are several (no more than 100) nodes in the fiber optic network. They are connected in a ring. Every one of them owns a certain unique wavelength as its address wavelength. So the network can be thought as a WDMA (Wavelength Division Multiple Access) one. Also, a situation where several nodes share the same wavelength is allowed. Of course, it is makes sense for the number of wavelengths to be bigger than that of nodes. The whole network is divided to slots ring, a packet can be transferred to all other nodes in every wavelength per time slot.

Chao Xiong, March 2006.

[1] I.M.White et al., ‘A Summary of HORNET Project: A Next-Generation Metropolitan Area Network’, IEEE JSAC, vol.21, no.9, Nov.2003, pp.1478-94

[2] I.M.White, ‘A New Architecture and Technologies for High-Capacity-Next-Generation Metropolitan Networks’, Ph.D.dissertation, Stanford University, 2002

Keywords: wdm, optical, hornet

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