VSimRTI - Smart Mobility Simulation      

V2X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure (VSimRTI) is a comprehensive framework for the assessment of new solutions for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems. VSimRTI couples different simulators, such as traffic similators like SUMO and VISSIM to allow the simulation of the various aspects of future Intelligent Transportation Systems.

VSimRTI uses an ambassador concept inspired by some fundamental concepts of the High Level Architecture (HLA). For immediate use, a set of simulators is already coupled with VSimRTI, for example:

  • the traffic simulators SUMO and PHABMACS;
  • the communication simulators ns-3, OMNeT++, SNS, and VSimRTI_Cell;
  • the application simulator VSimRTI_AppNT;
  • several visualization and analysis tools.

VSimRTI is developed at the Daimler Center for Automotive Information Technology Innovations (DCAITI) at TU Berlin.

Keywords: mobility, v2x, vehicular, vanet, hla, rti, cosimulation

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