StreetlightSim is a research project at the Pervasive Systems Centre, University of Southampton which is developed specifically to evaluate Autonomous and Adaptive Street Lighting Schemes based on Road User’s presence detection over wireless sensor networks (WSN). StreetlightSim has been used to evaluate the performance of various street lighting schemes based on an actual streetlight network in terms of their energy efficiency and utility (a performance metric to measure the usefulness of street lighting to road users)


  • Based on OMNeT++ and SUMO.
  • A customisable road traffic pattern which is described by the road traffic distribution according to different times of day and annual average daily traffic flow (AADF).
  • Ease of extension to different streetlight networks using OpenStreetMap and JOSM.

Keywords: iot, sumo, wsn, sensor, wireless, power, cosimulation

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