This is a simulation of LEACH (Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), a well-known cluster-based protocol for sensor networks with an extension to make it solar-aware.

This simulation was created for the following paper:

Thiemo Voigt, Hartmut Ritter, Jochen Schiller, Adam Dunkels, and Juan Alonso. Solar-aware Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks. In Proceedings of the Ninth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, June 2004.


“Energy conservation plays a crucial in wireless sensor networks since such networks are designed to be placed in hostile and non-accessible areas. While battery-driven sensors will run out of battery sooner or later, the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power or gravitation may extend the lifetime of a sensor network. We propose to utilize solar power in wireless sensor networks and extend LEACH, a well-known cluster-based protocol for sensor networks to become solar-aware. The presented simulation results show that making LEACH solar-aware significantly extends the lifetime of sensor networks.”

Keywords: wireless, sensor, wsn, power

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