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SimSANs (Simulating Storage Area Networks) is an OMNeT++-based Data Center Storage Networking design and simulation tool. It is especially useful in infrastructure design and I/O performance analysis of SCSI over Fibre Channel and FCoE based data center storage networks.

SAN Infrastructure Design

SimSANs is a convenient SAN infrastructure design tool for transitioning existing FC (Fibre Channel) SAN into emerging converged data center SAN, aka FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) SAN. It allows the SAN designers or engineers to dry-run the exact real-world SAN deployments, study the network behavior and performance bottleneck, and therefore come up the best solution to smoothly transitioning FC SAN into FC/FCoE mixed SAN, and eventually to FCoE SAN.

SCSI Traffic I/O Performance Analysis

SimSANs is an easy-to-use simulation tool to help study FC/FCoE SAN based SCSI I/O performance including I/O throughput and IOPS (I/O Per Second). It precisely simulates all major SAN components throughout the I/O path in the SAN, but hides enough protocol implementation details to allow user run the simulations just like they operate the daily SAN management, administration, and I/O application tasks in the real world. This is all realized via a set of well designed GUI tools coupled with high-speed simulation core.

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