openDSME - IEEE 802.15.4 Deterministic and Synchronous Multi-channel Extension      

openDSME is an open source portable implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 DSME, developed at the Institute of Telematics at Hamburg University of Technology. The INET-DSME subproject provides code to integrate openDSME in the OMNeT++ simulator by using the INET framework.

DSME itself is a recent extension of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The IEEE 802.15.4 was recently extended by several techniques that allow reliable data transmission for critical applications, such as industrial plants. Deterministic and Synchronous Multi-channel Extension (DSME) allows for distributed assignment of time slots on multiple channels.

Keywords: wsn, sensor, wpan, dsme, 802.15.4, wireless

Install command: opp_env install opendsme_allinone-latest
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