OMPCM - Palladio Component Model for OMNeT++      

OMPCM is an implementation of the Palladio Component Model based on the OMNeT++ simulation framework. As OMNeT++ offers full network simulation support, the influence of network effects on a modeled system can be investigated. It uses a specialised representation for description of RD-SEFF behavior called SimCore. By applying a series of model-transformations, a Palladio model can be transformed full automatically to a OMNeT++ network definition file (NED) that uses the developed OMPCM modules.

OMPCM was presented at 6th OMNeT++ Workshop (Cannes, 2013).

Palladio itself is a software architecture simulation approach which analyses software at the model level for performance bottlenecks, scalability issues, reliability threats, and allows for a subsequent optimisation.

Keywords: uml, software architecture simulation, performance

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