LRE-OMNeT++ - Limited Relative Error (LRE) for OMNeT++      

This project provides an integration of the Limited Relative Error (LRE) algorithm into the OMNeT++ simulator. The LRE algorithm itself comes as a stand-alone implementation. (The LRE algorithm is an alternative statistical method for data evaluation. LRE continuously requests more samples until it deems the evaluation confident enough.)

Generally, the LRE entity subscribes to a signal whose name must be provided by the user. LRE will update its internal analysis each time a signal emission is captured, and if the relative errors calculated at each Markov chain state is small enough, LRE will end the simulation. The algorithm can be configured through the NED parameters.

This project was presented at the 5th OMNeT++ Community Summit (paper and slides behind the link).

Provided by the Institute of Communication Networks (ComNets), Hamburg University of Technology.

Keywords: statistics, confidence, lre

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