COSSIM - Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Simulator Framework      

The COSSIM simulation framework is the first known open-source, high-performance simulator that can handle holistically system-of-systems including processors, peripherals and networks; such an approach is very appealing to both Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Highly Parallel Systems (HPS) designers and application developers.

COSSIM is built on top of several well-established simulators:

  • GEM5, a state of the art full-system simulator, to simulate the digital components of each processing node in the simulated system.
  • OMNeT++, which is an established network simulator, to simulate the networking infrastructure.
  • McPAT to provide energy and power consumption estimations of the processing nodes and MiXiM (OMNeT++ addon) to estimate the energy consumption of the network.

To bind the whole framework together, COSSIM employs the HLA architecture through the open-source CERTI package. Additionally, a sophisticated Eclipse-based GUI has been developed to provide easy simulation set-up, execution and visualization of results.

COSSIM Tutorial on YouTube.

COSSIM was developed under the EU Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Programme Project No: H2020-644042.

Keywords: full system, simulator, hla, cosimulation

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