AFDX - Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet model for OMNeT++      


  • Compatible with OMNeT++ v.6 and using the queueinglib that is released with that OMNeT++ v.6
  • Deprecated funtions are replaced
  • To model technological latencies, delay blocks are added
  • BAG Regulation is implemented
  • Integrity checking is improved
  • Multiple message source support is added with capability of customisable data rate
  • Token-bucket algorithm is added for traffic policing
  • VL-Router is updated to be using a text file as a routing table
  • Simulation is updated to make it possible to modify the behaviour of the simulation and topology from *.ini file
  • New records are added to most essential blocks and a new class called NetworkStatistics is added to take care of the records


Ipek Gokce [email protected] Emre Atik [email protected] Rudolf Hornig [email protected]

Keywords: afdx, ethernet, fieldbus, avionics

Install command: opp_env install afdx-latest
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