It includes a major revision of the Manual. There’s lots of new information in it, even for experienced users – time to print a new copy! <pre> What’s New ==========

OMNeT++ 2.3 release (June 2003)

A major revision of the User Manual has taken place. In addition to documenting new features, several existing sections have been revised, updated and expanded for clarity and informativeness, based on feedback from the community.

Even if you already have a printed copy of an earlier manual, this is a good time to discard it and print a new one – even experienced OMNeT++ users will find a wealth of new information in it. For the list of changes, see the “Document History” table at the front of the manual.

Deprecations! To ensure your simulation will be compatible with future releases, please check doc/API-Changes.txt and remove use of deprecated functions from you simulation models. Functions deprecated now are likely to be removed in next major release.


  • message subclassing: generated message classes now accept message kind in the constructor.

Bugfixes since 2.3b2:

  • fixed problem with deleting dynamically created modules
  • fixed opp_msgc problem with RedHat9’s broken Perl (doesn’t recognize [^s] in regexps)
  • minor improvements: opp_nmakemake now autodetects C++ file extension (.cc or .cpp); opp_msgc doesn’t choke on -I flag