OMNeT++ 2.1 released. It now includes Nick van Foreest’s queueing tutorial. Available also as a nicely integrated package for Windows: precompiled binaries for MSVC, including manual, tutorial, samples and MSVC appwizard, bundled with Tcl/Tk, Gnuplot, grep, etc. Installer made with NSIS.
In the OMNeT++ 2.1 release (May 2001)
This release is devoted to making OMNeT++ easier to install, easier
to use and easier to learn. Most important, there is now a binary package
for Windows. The install package comes with Tcl/Tk, Gnuplot and some
Unix utilities (grep, awk) bundled, and in addition to the OMNeT++ programs
and libraries compiled with MSVC, it also contains prebuilt executables
of the sample simulations. To shorten the learning curve, the package
contains Nick van Foreest's Queueing Tutorial. Some MSVC integration stuff
(AppWizard, macro to add a NED file to the project) was also added.
Changes in the source distribution: it now includes the Tutorial and
the sources of the MSVC integration components. To facilitate creating
binary distributions, omnetpp.h and the other simulation kernel headers
have been moved out of src/sim/, to a new include/ directory. There was no
change on the simulation kernel itself.
Further enhancements: Plove can now be built as a single executable with
compiled-in Tcl code; on Windows, Plove and GNED can now be compiled as GUI
apps (using WinMain() instead of main()). I added makefiles for Win95/98/ME
(although I couldn't test them). Borland C++ is no longer supported:
I removed the old project files (*.ide), but added back (unsupported)