OMNeT++ 2.0 final released. see the download section. In the OMNeT++ 2.0 final version (February 2001)
There are a number of enhancements mainly on the GUI parts, GNED and Tkenv,
but the simulation API remains fully compatible. Bugs that were reported
since the 2.0b5 release have largely been fixed. All those who cared to
report bugs and suggested features -- thanks!
In cQueue, a number of methods were made virtual to enable customizing the
class (e.g. adding statistics for maintaining average queue length, etc.).
Some bugfixes on cQueue, cArray and cBag. I also added the OMNETPP_VERSION
symbol to the sim header files (currently #defined as 0x0200).
Tkenv was enhanced quite a bit. Now you can now open module output windows for
all modules (not only for simple modules), and the window will accumulate
ev<< output from that module and all submodules. (This feature is especially
useful for tracing dynamically created modules). Now you can search for text
in all module windows (^F Find, F3/^N Find next). Hotkeys were assigned to the
run commands too (F4 Step, F5 Run, F6 Fast, F7 Express, F8 Stop), and the
behaviour of the "step within module" command (^F4) was refined. I added a
Performance status bar (it displays events/sec, simulated sec/sec,
events/simulated sec readings). Another toolbar shows (among others) the number
of message objects currently in existence -- this feature may help you discover
the most common kind of memory leaks: forgetting to delete messages.
Display string handling was improved: modules in a module vector may now be
positioned individually, and submodule display strings may use the parent
module's parameters, too. See src/tkenv/ChangeLog for details.
The most important addition to GNED is its new, experimental XML support (needs
the TclXML-1.2 package). XML will play a much more significant role in future
releases of OMNeT++, as a universal data exchange format. Many smaller
enhancements: GNED now accepts NED file names as command line arguments;
.gnedrc was introduced; more & better Properties dialogs (Channel, Connection,
Module, etc. Properties); GNED is more careful now when you want to exit the
program; the File menu now has a Save all item. Plus a number of other fixes
to improve the robustness and reliability of the code.
A short section was added to the manual about parallel simulation in general.