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Extra RNGs for OMNeT++ 3.x    Download

This library contains various add-on RNG classes intended to be used with OMNeT++ 3.3 for academic purposes (although it may be used for commercial purposes if the respective license owners and contacted and terms can be agreed - see next section for details). The accompanying example program performs some very basic tests on each of these RNGs

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oProbe (for OMNeT++ 3.x)    Download

The mission of the oProbe open source project is to provide an instrument that produces statistically sound results at known quality. Stochastic sampling from a network of queues demands both confidence and correlation control.

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CSharpSimpleModule-0.4    Download

This package complements JSimpleModule: while JSimpleModule lets you write OMNeT++ simple modules in Java, CSharpSimpleModule does the same for C#. (The code is also based on JSimpleModule.) CSharpSimpleModule was developed by Andreas Lagemann, Distributed Systems / Operating Systems Group, TU Cottbus, Germany. This work is part of the SPP1140 "Basissoftware für Selbstorganisierende Infrastrukturen für Vernetzte Mobile Systeme" project of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

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vim syntax highlighting for NED/MSG files    Download

Adds syntax highlighting of NED/MSG files into vim. Written for OMNeT++ 3.x. This file was posted on the mailing list on 4/12/2007. by Softgear Ko. Just unpack the tgz file in your home directory: "tar zxvf vim-ned.tgz".

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longdouble-opp33-patch    Download

This is two sets of patches for OMNeT++3.3 and INET-20061020: one is to use "long double" as simulation time instead of "double" for increased precision; the other is to fix format string errors ("%lg") in the source code. Created by Fritz Praus (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Research Unit for Integrated Sensor Systems and Oregano Systems)

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JSimpleModule-3.3-1-win32    Download

JSimpleModule is an extension that makes it possible to write OMNeT++ simple modules in Java. This package contains a simulation executable with the JSimpleModule C++ sources compiled in, and also an Eclipse project set up for Java development.

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JSimpleModule-3.3-1    Download

This is an extension that makes it possible to write OMNeT++ simple modules in Java. Java and C++-based simple modules can be freely mixed in simulations. Integration is not seamless though, there are limitations as to what OMNeT++ features are available, as well special coding rules to obey in the Java code. This release is for OMNeT++ version 3.3, and will likely not work with other versions.

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OMNeT++ export for BRITE 2.1    Download

Adds NED export to the BRITE topology generator (

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SimProcTC    Download

SimProcTC is a model-independent, flexible tool-chain for the setup, parallel run execution, results aggregation and data analysis for OMNeT++ 3.x. It is based on GNU R and RSerPool.

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MAP++    Download

MAP++ supports Map-based topology and scenario generation and evaluation. It also provides trace data visualization and database powered analysis.

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