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folder_blue_2.png Older versions folder_blue_2.png Integrated into other frameworks (INET, etc.) folder_blue_2.png For older OMNeT++ versions (2.x, 3.x)
DNS / mDSN model for INET       Download

This extension provides classes and functions to simulate DNS and mDNS traffic witn INET.

Read more 03/31/2015
Precision Time Protocol for INET       Download

A Precision Time Protocol (PTP) module for OMNeT++ INET 2.6. Allows to measure the PTP accuracy under different configurations and traffic loads, using any INET components (routers, etc.). PTP is implemented as a UDP application as in the standard.

Author: Martin Levesque

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Cell Communication Signaling Project Website external       Download

CellSignaling is a research project from GRXCA group at BarcelonaTECH (, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, developed to study cell signaling communications at a molecular scale. It has been used to evaluate diffusion-based communication channels using calcium ions. It also features a 3D, web based visualization component based on webGL.

Read more 06/20/2014
Controller Area Network (CAN) model Website external       Download

A simulation model for CAN (Controller Area Network) for OMNeT++

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StreetlightSim Website external       Download

StreetlightSim is a research project at the Pervasive Systems Centre, University of Southampton which is developed specifically to evaluate Autonomous and Adaptive Street Lighting Schemes based on Road Users' presence detection over wireless sensor networks (WSN).

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SelfSimMGI       Download

This model is a useful  modification of the well-known self-similar traffic model “M/G/∞ Input”.

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NETA: NETwork Attacks Framework for OMNeT++ Website external       Download

NETwork Attacks (NETA) is a framework devised to simulate attacks in heterogeneous networks using OMNeT++ and the INET-Framework.

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OS³: The Open Source Satellite Simulator Website external       Download

OS³, the Open Source Satellite Simulator, was developed as a framework for simulating various kinds of satellite-based communication, based on OMNeT++. The aim was to create a platform that makes evaluating satellite communication protocols as easy as possible. OS³ is also be able to automatically import real satellite tracks and weather data to simulate conditions at a certain point in the past or in the future, and offer powerful visualization.

Read more 08/14/2013
CometOS Website external       Download

CometOS is a component-based, extensible, tiny operating system for wireless networks.

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Adversarial Queueing Theory model Website external       Download

Adversarial models of traffic generation replace probabilistic assumptions by considering the deterministic worst-case.

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