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ReaSE    Download

ReaSE is an open-source network simulation framework for OMNeT++. ReaSE is able to create realistic simulation environments with respect to hierarchical network topologies, self-similar background traffic, and attack traffic based on real attack tools.

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MiXiM Website external    Download

MiXiM is an OMNeT++ modeling framework created for mobile and fixed wireless networks (wireless sensor networks, body area networks, ad-hoc networks, vehicular networks, etc.). It offers detailed models of radio wave propagation, interference estimation, radio transceiver power consumption and wireless MAC protocols (e.g. Zigbee).

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INETMANET    Download

INETMANET is a fork of the INET Framework containing additional adhoc routing protocols and other models written by the community.

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Veins Website external    Download

Veins is an open source Inter-Vehicular Communication (IVC) simulation framework composed of an event-based network simulator and a road traffic microsimulation model.

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VNS - Vehicular Networks Simulator Website external    Download

VNS is a simulation framework that completely integrates the mobility and network components in a transparent and efficient way, reducing the overhead of communication and synchronization between different simulators. VNS provides bi-directionally interaction between a microscopic mobility model and network simulators such as OMNET++.

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ANSA - Automated Network Simulation and Analysis Website external    Download

This project exploits discrete simulation of a network for automated analysis of security properties.

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InfiniBand Flit Level Model (rev2) Website external    Download

This Mellanox-contributed InfiniBand simulation model is modeling the data-path of hosts and switches at the flit transfer level. The model can be used to estimate network performance under configurable hardware capabilities, timing and topologies.

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iCanCloud Website external    Download

iCanCloud is a simulation platform aimed to model and simulate cloud computing systems, which is targeted to those users who deal closely with those kinds of systems. The main objective of iCanCloud is to predict the trade-offs between cost and performance of a given set of applications executed in a specific hardware, and then provide to users useful information about such costs. However, iCanCloud can be used by a wide range of users, from basic active users to developers of large distributed applications.

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DenaCast Website external    Download

DenaCast is an open-source peer-to-peer video streaming framework for the OMNeT++ simulation environment.

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HECIOS - Parallel Virtual File System Simulator Website external    Download

HECIOS provides an extensible simulation package well-suited for performing quantitative evaluation of research topics in parallel I/O.

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