cParsimSynchronizer Class Reference
[Parallel simulation support]

Abstract base class for parallel simulation algorithms. More...

#include <cparsimsynchr.h>

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cScheduler cObject cParsimProtocolBase cIdealSimulationProtocol cNoSynchronization cNullMessageProtocol cISPEventLogger

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Public Member Functions

 cParsimSynchronizer ()
virtual ~cParsimSynchronizer ()
virtual void setContext (cSimulation *sim, cParsimPartition *seg, cParsimCommunications *co)
virtual void startRun ()=0
virtual void endRun ()=0
virtual cMessagegetNextEvent ()=0
virtual void processOutgoingMessage (cMessage *msg, int procId, int moduleId, int gateId, void *data)=0

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for parallel simulation algorithms.

Subclasses implement the "null message algorithm" and others.

Task of this layer is to implement conservative synchronization, that is, block the execution at time points where it is not safe to proceed since events from other partitions will (may) arrive before the next local event.

Synchronizer integrates into the simulation kernel via the getNextEvent() and processOutgoingMessage() functions:

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cParsimSynchronizer::processOutgoingMessage ( cMessage msg,
int  procId,
int  moduleId,
int  gateId,
void *  data 
) [pure virtual]

Hook, called when a cMessage is sent out of the partition.

It is provided here so that the synchronizer can potentially perform optimizations, such as piggybacking null messages (see null message algorithm) on outgoing messages.

Implemented in cISPEventLogger, cNullMessageProtocol, and cParsimProtocolBase.

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