OMNeT++ Parallel Simulation Support  5.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CcAdvancedLinkDelayLookaheadLookahead calculation based on inter-partition link delays only
 CcCommBufferBaseAdds buffer (re)allocation functions to cCommBuffer. This functionality is not always needed, e.g. PVM manages its pack/unpack buffers internally
 CcFileCommBufferCommunication buffer that packs data in a text representation into a memory buffer
 CcFileCommunicationsImplementation of the communications layer which works via files. Every message is created as a file in a communications directory
 CcIdealSimulationProtocolImplements the Ideal Simulation Protocol, described in the paper "Performance Evaluation of Conservative Algoritms in Parallel Simulation Languages" by Bagrodia et al
 CcISPEventLoggerImplements phase one for the Ideal Simulation Protocol (ISP), namely, creating the log of "external" events. That log will be used as by the ISP synchromization mechanism (cIdealSimulationProtocol)
 CcLinkDelayLookaheadLookahead calculation based on inter-partition link delays only
 CcMemCommBufferCommunication buffer that packs data into a memory buffer without any transformation
 CcNamedPipeCommunicationsImplementation of the communications layer which uses named pipes. Pipes are created at initialization time, and are used throughout the whole simulation
 CcNMPLookaheadBase class of lookahead calculations for cNullMessageProtocol which implements the "null message algorithm"
 CcNoSynchronization"Dummy" implementation – just pass messages between partitions, without any synchronization. Of course incausalities may occur which terminate the simulation with error, so this class is only useful as a base "template" for implementing "real" synchronization protocols
 CcNullMessageProtocolImplements the "null message algorithm". Lookahead calculation is encapsulated into a separate object, subclassed from cNMPLookahead
 CcParsimPartitionRepresents one partition in a parallel simulation. Knows about partitions and the links between this partition and its neighbours
 CcParsimProtocolBaseContains utility functions for implementing parallel simulation protocols
 CcParsimSynchronizerAbstract base class for parallel simulation algorithms. Subclasses implement the "null message algorithm" and others
 CcPlaceholderModuleIn distributed parallel simulation, modules of the network are distributed across partitions
 CcProxyGateA gate that belongs to a cross-partition link and represents the remote gate on the local partition. cProxyGate's belong to cPlaceholderModule objects, which represent a "remote" module in the local partition
 CcReceivedExceptionRepresents an exception that has been received from other partitions
 CcReceivedTerminationExceptionRepresents a termination exception that has been received from other partitions