OMNeT++ Simulation Library  5.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CcConfigurationReaderAbstract base class for configuration readers for SectionBasedConfiguration
 CcContextSwitcherThe constructor switches the context to the given component, and the destructor restores the original context
 CcContextTypeSwitcherThe constructor switches the context type, and the destructor restores the original context type
 CcCoroutineLow-level coroutine library. Coroutines are used by cSimpleModule
 CcDisplayStringRepresents a display string
 CcDensityEstBase::CellInformation about a cell. This struct is not used internally by histogram and histogram-like classes, only to return information to the user
 CcEnvirCEnvir represents the "environment" or user interface of the simulation
 CcErrorMessagesProvides error messages for error codes
 CcExceptionException class
 CcGlobalRegistrationListSingleton class, used for registration lists. Instances are supposed to be global variables
 CcModule::ChannelIteratorWalks along the channels inside a module, that is, the channels among the module and its submodules
 CcIListenerInterface for listeners in a simulation model
 CcISimulationLifecycleListenerA callback interface for receiving notifications at various stages simulations, including setting up, running, and tearing down.
 CcITimestampedValueInterface for emitting timestamped values as signals, primarily for result recording
 CcLogThis class groups logging related functionality
 CcLogEntryThis class holds various data that is captured when a particular log statement executes. It also contains the text written to the log stream
 CcMatchExpressionDecides whether an object matches an expression
 CcNEDValueValue used during evaluating NED expressions
 CcObjectRoot of the OMNeT++ class hierarchy. cObject is a lightweight class without any data members
 CcObjectOsgNodeAn osg::Group for defining correspondence of a 3D object to an OMNeT++ object
 CCodeFragmentsSupporting class for the EXECUTE_ON_STARTUP and EXECUTE_ON_SHUTDOWN macros
 CcFigure::ColorRepresents an RGB color
 CcPatternMatcherGlob-style pattern matching class, adopted to special OMNeT++ requirements. One instance represents a pattern to match
 CcStringPoolReference-counted storage for strings
 CcStringTokenizerString tokenizer class, modelled after strtok()
 CcVisitorEnables traversing the tree of (cObject-rooted) simulation objects
 CcXMLElementRepresents an XML element in an XML configuration file
 CcDynamicExpression::ElemOne element in a (reverse Polish) expression
 CcVisitor::EndTraversalExceptionCan be thrown to get out in the middle of the traversal process
 CcFigure::FontRepresents properties of a font
 CcModule::GateIteratorIterates through the gates of a module
 CcKSplit::GridSupporting struct for cKSplit. Represents one grid in the k-split data structure
 CcQueue::IteratorWalks along a cQueue
 CcKSplit::IteratorWalks along cells of the distribution stored in a cKSplit object
 CcArray::IteratorIterates through elements in a cArray, skipping holes (slots containing nullptr)
 CcConfigurationReader::KeyValueAbstract base class for representing a key-value pair in the configuration
 CcConfiguration::KeyValueDescribes a configuration entry
 CcTopology::LinkSupporting class for cTopology, represents a link in the graph
 CcMatchExpression::MatchableObjects to be matched must implement this interface
 CcTopology::NodeSupporting class for cTopology, represents a node in the graph
 CnoncopyableUtility class, to make it impossible to call the operator= and copy constructor of any class derived from it
 Copp_stringLightweight string class, used internally in some parts of OMNeT++
 Copp_string_mapLightweight string-to-string map, used internally in some parts of OMNeT++
 Copp_string_vectorLightweight string vector, used internally in some parts of OMNeT++
 CcXMLElement::ParamResolverBase class for classes that resolve parameters ($PARAM) that occur in in XPath expressions to their values
 CcFigure::PixmapA rectangular RGBA pixel array
 CcFigure::PointRepresents a point as (x,y) coordinates
 CcTopology::PredicateBase class for selector objects used in extract...() methods of cTopology
 CcFigure::RectangleRepresents a rectangle as an (x,y,width,height) tuple
 CcChannel::result_tAllows returning multiple values from the processMessage() method
 CcFigure::RGBARepresents an RGBA pixel, for Pixmap manipulation
 CSimTimeInt64_t-based, base-10 fixed-point simulation time
 CcModule::SubmoduleIteratorIterates through the submodules of a compound module
 CcFigure::TransformHomogeneous 2D transformation matrix (last row is not stored)
 CcOsgCanvas::ViewpointDefines a viewpoint in the 3D space