cTopology::LinkOut Class Reference

Supporting class for cTopology. More...

#include <ctopology.h>

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Public Member Functions

NodegetRemoteNode () const
int getRemoteGateId () const
int getLocalGateId () const
cGategetRemoteGate () const
cGategetLocalGate () const

Detailed Description

Supporting class for cTopology.

While navigating the graph stored in a cTopology, Node's methods return LinkIn and LinkOut objects, which are 'aliases' to Link objects. LinkIn and LinkOut provide convenience functions that return the 'local' and 'remote' end of the connection when traversing the topology.

Member Function Documentation

Node* cTopology::LinkOut::getRemoteNode (  )  const [inline]

Returns the node at the remote end of this connection.

Note: There is no corresponding localNode() method: the local node of this connection is the Node object whose method returned this LinkIn object.

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