cTDExpandingWindows Class Reference
[Statistical data collection]

A transient detection algorithm. More...

#include <cdetect.h>

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cTransientDetection cOwnedObject cNamedObject cObject

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Public Member Functions

Constructors, destructor, assignment.

 cTDExpandingWindows (const cTDExpandingWindows &r)
 cTDExpandingWindows (const char *name=NULL, int reps=3, int minw=4, double wind=1.3, double acc=0.3, PostTDFunc f=NULL, void *p=NULL)
virtual ~cTDExpandingWindows ()
cTDExpandingWindowsoperator= (const cTDExpandingWindows &res)
Redefined cObject member functions.

virtual cTDExpandingWindowsdup () const
Redefined cTransientDetection member functions.

virtual void collect (double val)
virtual bool detected () const
virtual void reset ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual void start ()
Setting up the detection object.

void setParameters (int reps=3, int minw=4, double wind=1.3, double acc=0.3)

Detailed Description

A transient detection algorithm.

Uses sliding window approach with two windows, and checks the difference of the two averages to see if the transient period is over.

Member Function Documentation

virtual cTDExpandingWindows* cTDExpandingWindows::dup (  )  const [inline, virtual]

Dupping is not implemented for this class.

This function gives an error (throws cRuntimeError) when called.

Reimplemented from cTransientDetection.

cTDExpandingWindows& cTDExpandingWindows::operator= ( const cTDExpandingWindows res  ) 

Assignment operator.

The name member is not copied; see cOwnedObject's operator=() for more details.

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